Xcavator offers cryptocurrency mining that is sustainable, renewable, and environmentally friendly. The Xcavator (XCA) token has been developed with an in-built price appreciation mechanism. It has a limited supply of 51 million tokens.

Xcavator will be setting up crypto mining farms with the funds from the token sale and will mine the profitable cryptos. Every week from the mining profits, around 50% will be used in expansion of mining farms and another 50% to buy back own tokens from the market which will be burned with proof of burn.

The token has the backing of real-world assets of crypto mining farms generating consistent revenue.

→ Xcavator Airdrop Program Detail

👉 Xcavator Airdrop Start date: 28th of April, 2022

👉 Xcavator Airdrop End date: 8th of May, 2022

👉 Total Xcavator Tokens for each Participant– 250 XCA

👉 Total Airdrop Value for each Participant — 250 x 0.20$ (price per token) = $50

* *Airdrop is limited to the first 10,000 participants. First Come, First Earn!**

→ How to Join our Airdrop?

Perform the following tasks to complete the campaign and win reward tokens:

🦶 Step 1: Join the Xcavator’s Telegram Community Group and Channel: (50 XCA Tokens)

TG Channel: https://t.me/xcavator_XCA
TG Group: https://t.me/xcatkn

🦶 Step 2: Follow Xcavator’s official Twitter handle:
https://twitter.com/XcavatorTweet (30 XCA Tokens)

🦶 Step 3: Like & Share Xcavator’s Official Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/XcavatorInternational (30 XCA Tokens)

🦶 Step 4: Like & Follow Xcavator’s Official Instagram Page:
https://www.instagram.com/xcavatorinternational (30 XCA Tokens)

🦶 Step 5: Subscribe to Xcavator’s Official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Xcavator (30 XCA Tokens)

🦶 Step 6: Join the Xcavator’s Official Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/xcavator/ (30 XCA Tokens)

🦶 Step 7: Join the Xcavator’s official Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/cDjwcKvw (50 XCA Tokens)

*Perform all the tasks(Step 1 to 7) and submit your required information in below form to get your XCA tokens: https://bit.ly/39mnAV5

Note: Please add Xcavator Token using our Token Address given below on your Metamask or Trust wallet. 0xBd20F9B0DbeED33FC4436F0aE7a34eedEFdA2878

Thanks For Joining Our Airdrop Program.

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